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Bill Hughes

Owner/Photographer, BH Photography •

Bob Aller was one of the best professors I had while attending Holyoke Community College. Even though I was attending a local community college, I felt the courses I took with Professor Aller were equivalent to those one might take at an Ivy League school. It was one of the best experiences of my academic life.


Preston Rescigno

Photo Editor/Image Consultant •

When I began my journey at HCC I was a young person obsessed with photography. As an educator Bob Aller gave me a base of knowledge that has helped me become a successful photographer.

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Thomas Sweeney

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Instructional Designer •

Every now and again you come across an educator who makes a profound difference on your education and your life. Robert Aller is one such educator. Without Bob’s guidance I would not have discovered my talent and passion for photography and graphic design. His amazing body of work has been an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you Bob, I am forever in your debt.


Sheron Rupp

Photographer •

Sheron Rupp is best known for her color photographs of people, especially children, living in rural, small towns in America. Her photographs often include the rough and tumble of back yards and the quotidian moments in family interactions.

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